What Does an Architect Bring to a Remodelling Job?

Will You Need an Architect for Your Kitchen Remodelling Job?

A licensed professional architect will add polish to your kitchen remodelling job. However, this does come with a price, and hiring this type of designer may not be really necessary. Here’s how to decide if you need an architect for your remodelling job.

What an architect can do
Architects are trained with building design, ergonomics and engineering. From the start of a remodelling project, the architect will inspect your house, listen to your needs, and offer solutions and estimated building costs.

Once you’ve decided upon a design, the architect will construct a simple floor plan or blueprints, help choose the contractor, work with structural engineers for permits, and oversee construction to make sure the job is getting done according to their plan.

The bigger the job and the higher the price of the house is, the more you will require a professional.

Any time you’re changing the outside of a building, making major alterations to the floor plan in the interior, or spending more than 5% of the house value, you will need an architect.

Architects and contractors will help you save money through the use of space and materials. However, both of these professionals solve problems in different ways.

Contractors look for a logical and efficient solution, however, not always the most innovative or aesthetically sound one.

Architects offer solutions which add visual appeal, and complement the rest of the property.

Cutting costs
Should your budget be tight, and the project simple, choose an architect that is just starting out. Their fees will be commensurate with their experience, which in some cases can be a mixed blessing.

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